Am I Good Dad or A Great Dad? Part 1

I am going to split this topic into a few parts, firstly for me to digest, review and help me obtain a new perspective to write the next part. Secondly, I find myself challenging what the difference is between what I believe a Dad, a good Dad and what a great Dad actually is. Formulating […]

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Parenting Hack – Easing Seperation Anxiety

Does your little one have trouble with separation anxiety? That “breaking away” melt down at the morning drop off can be an emotionally draining time for many! Pop member Lisa Curtin read a suggestion that she hoped might help ease her sons anxiety, and we thought it was a brilliant idea too! “Daycare drop offs […]

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Multiple Birth Awareness week 2017

Multiple Birth Awarness Week 2017 This year Multiple Birth Awareness weeks runs from March 12th to March 19th. The theme for 2017 is …’Born a multiple, Also an individual’. To help raise awarness of the multiples themselves and their families and to increase support available to them all, I have changed my Facebook profile to […]

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Maybe It’s Maybelline..

Sooooo, what did your kids do today…? Our member Tahlea’s lovely 10month old got into her liquid eye-liner while she was tending to his sick sister…. How did he get it? No freaking idea,  it was in a child proof cupboard! Oh and it was waterproof, yay! #perilsofparenthood #onlytakesasecond   176 total views, 1 views today

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The Power of One

Tonight, for the first time in a very long time, my wife, Christian, Conor & I ended up at Mum and Dads place for dinner on a Friday night. After dinner was cleared away, I decided to head home around 7pm so I could grab some fuel for the car and get everything ready for […]

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What’s For Dinner?

On stinking hot, humid QLD days, there is nothing better than a cold dinner with some of the freshest, locally produced fruit & salad in the world on your plate. So what makes a healthy but cheap meal these days when most things come out of a packet or a can? What can possibly make […]

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What Does My Dad Do…A Four Year Olds Perspective

My Dad…. Plays Loves Guides Listens Teaches Protects Hugs me Feeds me Bathes me Changes me Reads to me Respects me Holds my hand Is firm but fair Encourages me Sets boundaries Cooks me breakfast Teaches me manners Wipes away my tears Drives me to daycare Can apply a band aide Doesn’t dress me funny […]

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