Multiple Birth Awareness week 2017

Multiple Birth Awarness Week 2017 This year Multiple Birth Awareness weeks runs from March 12th to March 19th. The theme for 2017 is …’Born a multiple, Also an individual’. To help raise awarness of the multiples themselves and their families and to increase support available to them all, I have changed my Facebook profile to […]

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Stay in School Kids!

Annette, a PoP member, posted this crack up in our Facebook group. Annette’s daughter , Lateesha and Lateesha’s  boyfriend Nic, both of Gippsland Sale, Vic, Australia who are both currently studying year 12, ordered a Pizza from their local for lunch. When they placed the order they asked for an inspirational quote to help them […]

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Catty Confessions

Renèe O’neill Gave us all a giggle last night during confessions on our debate group, PoP! UnPoPpEd With Renèe’s permission we are reposting. 🐱Catty Confessions🐱 “We got our house phone connected 3 weeks ago. Within a few hours of it being on it rang. I had been having a really shitty day up until this […]

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Shoe deodoriser OR women’s antiperspirant?

Aldi has apologised to shoppers for a mistake in the manufacturing process that saw Shoe deodoriser spray being sold in “Coles” women’s antiperspirant cans that had been wrapped in the new label. Many shoppers have been left shaking their heads in confusion wondering if they spray themselves with shoe deodoriser? Is it essentially the same […]

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DIY fun!

Gorgeous set up from another one of our talented members! Find her on instagram @chase_my_crew “Totally storage hacked my 6 month old daughters room haha My partner made the huge wooden frame Kmart clothes hangers Kmart shelves Kmart hanging plant pots Kmart grey cube boxes Pretty storage boxes from masters Pretty storage on a huge […]

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Peculiar Pets!

Warning…. Spider on a head…. literally Not a photoshop… C.L.T’s pet of 2 years napping with her baby. Theres a spider that lives on my head. Who weaves a strange and wondrous web, Of silken threads and silver strings, To catch all sorts of flying things, Like crumbs of thoughts, bits of smiles, specks of […]

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