Poor old Barbie.

As much as I love my kids…and I do…there is one day a week that I look forward to the most. It’s daycare day. My 3 kids all go on the same day and go for a full day. Getting to daycare by 9am is always a bit of a challenge. This week was horrific! […]

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After 30 mins sleep last night (insomnia) this morning was a bit of a struggle lol, didn’t peel myself out of bed until 8am, managed to get the 3 yr old, 23 month old and 9 month old ready for 3yr olds dancing class (dragging a sharp object across my throat was looking WAY more […]

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Delivery of the Threenager.

We have just been delivered our Threenager. I don’t really like her I have to say. Everyone goes on about Terrible Twos…I have to say getting delivered your Threenager….especially if she was a good 2 yr old….it comes as a shock to the system. Threenager…what is it I hear you ask…if your asking…you clearly don’t […]

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Spew, spew and more SPEW.

Only the parents of spewy babies can understand. Bodhi is our 3rd spewy baby. All have been medicated for reflux for a fairly long period of time, they have all been very happy chuckers and it is just the norm in our house now. There is spew everywhere. I have had my bra filled with […]

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Little Intro…

Hello everyone!! I’m so excited for this….a little nervous too…I won’t lie! I’ll be putting up a few of my old blog posts from the early days of Pop so it’ll be a mixture of what’s going on in our lives now and my earlier journey of being a mum. Bit of up to date […]

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Parenting The Paynes…beginnings..

I am probably the least maternal person I know, this roller coaster called parenthood started for me 3 years ago and although I kinda knew what I was in for…there are something’s I clearly didn’t notice in the fine print of the “having kids” contract. I never realised that something so little could push me […]

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