Dear Mums and Dads

Dear Mums and Dads,
Your child is doing their best to learn, they are following their interests and are incredibly curious. Children are natural learners, give them the tools and the opportunity and they will take the lead.
You are not failing your child if you are putting in all you can, you are not failing your child if you are concerned about them.
The best thing you can give your child is confidence!
Praise their efforts and achievements.
Be kind to yourself. You are enough and…you are not alone.

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Post Author: Sharon

Hey! I am Sharon :) My home is in South Australia, I love it here! The things that make me happy ... getaways in our olden yet golden caravan, spending time with my 6 kids, (especially all at once), catch ups and coffee with my BFF, hangin' with my hubby, Facebooking, adminning our groups, re-decorating my home and taking photos on my phone ... but most of all... Peace... I love Peace!

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