Shoe deodoriser OR women’s antiperspirant?

Aldi has apologised to shoppers for a mistake in the manufacturing process that saw Shoe deodoriser spray being sold in “Coles” women’s antiperspirant cans that had been wrapped in the new label.

Many shoppers have been left shaking their heads in confusion wondering if they spray themselves with shoe deodoriser? Is it essentially the same thing, or is it as simple as what is being explained?

Several members of “The Perils of Parenthood” including Amanda Harty have come across this themselves and it’s enough to cause just the tiniest amount of persperation….

Aldi has responded to many posts on it’s Facebook page and has stated that the product is indeed shoe spray and consumers are more than welcome to return the product for a full refund.

*Photo of product thanks to member Amanda Harty and published with her permission*

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