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Welcome to my Multiverse. I am a dad of twin boys who is accumulating inspiration, ideas and impressions and hopefully returning the same to the world at large…

Since this blog will have a lot to do with my boys and their madness, I thought I would start with something I wrote just for them, something that I hope will stay with them a lot longer than I could ever dream of, something that may even inspire them one day…

For my boys CnC…

If I Could…

If I could tell you that you’re both handsome
I’d be biased…

If I could tell you that you’re both smart
I’d be bragging….

If I could tell you that you’re both funny
I’d be told it’s not true….

If I could tell you that you’re both independent
I’d be told I’m being ridiculous….

If I could tell you that you’re both going to do well in life
I’d be told not to be so cocky….

If I could tell you that you’re both naturally talented
I’d be told I don’t know what the future holds….

If I could tell you that you’re both courageous
I’d be told I am setting both of you up for failure….

If I could tell you that you’re both strong
I’d be told not to encourage you to use your strength….

If I could tell you that you both that turning the other cheek is ok
I’d be told that I’m making you weak….

If I could tell you that you’re both individuals
I’d be told that I am stupid….

If I could tell you that you’re both loved equally
People would laugh…

If I could tell you that you’re both compassionate
I’d be told to stop fussing about things….

If I could tell you that you’re both wise
I’d be told not to get my hopes up…

Yet as your Dad, I will do more than tell you both, I will show you. As a Dad, it is my job to ensure that you both learn to ignore what ‘others’ think about you and show you that this world is as much a part of you as you are a part of it.
The sum of your learning and experiences will see you both through uncertain times, joyous days and euphoric moments while still keeping both your feet firmly on the ground.

To guide you but not control you, to share with you but not stop you, to teach you yet still listen, to laugh with you but still be there for you when I’m needed. To infuriate you but wise enough to know your limits, to love you and know when to let go, to walk with you and when to carry you & when you both need to walk alone.
My job is to be ever vigilant but not imposing, my life is dedicated to you both, yet what you will make of it is up to you.

I give you the gift of my time and love, neither of which will last forever. My beliefs of creating a better world is helping you both to become better men.

To respect each other, be tolerant, use your manners, treat a lady like you would your own mother, gentle, with kind spoken words yet fierce enough to defend her.
To know when to walk away because the other person is not doing the right thing. Friends will stand up for you both, others will try to make you feel small because of their own inadequacies.

You are a reflection of what is taught to you & what you learn. You will never be a waste of my time, you will both do silly things and you will understand one day but not today. You will also have each other no matter what. You will fight, laugh, cry, struggle, love, learn and be what only others with siblings can understand, yet you will also be the envy of those who see that you have been gifted with love, understanding, respect and kindness.

Share your best qualities with those you respect and love. Avoid those who take but never give, they are the potholes in life. Unmoving, inflexible, small and need to be replaced. Make your own road as smooth as possible and with each other.

Work diligently and smart, be respectful but confident. Nobody ever gets anywhere by doing nothing. Appreciate things that are done for you and learn how random acts of kindness can make your day but change others lives forever. Be that caped crusader without seeking glory or attention. Your deeds will be remembered for what you did, not who did them.

Don’t judge yourself to harshly, for this means you have been listening to what others have said what you cannot do, or what you are not. Only the pair of you know what you can or cannot do.

Learn to say no. This means you respect yourself enough to not be drawn into something foolish or to be blamed for others mistakes. Make your own mistakes, learn from them and move on. Own up to things you do wrong and correct them if you can. Remember that karma is a bitch. The emotional baggage you acquire throughout life seeps into everything you do and for all to see.

Poke fun at yourself because of you don’t others will do it for you. You have no right to make fun of anyone else until you can make fun of yourself. Know that being funny and being rude and disrespectful is a fine line to walk.

Be a gentleman and learn how to be romantic. It is who you are and not what you have that makes a relationship work. Continue to learn something everyday for the rest of your life be it trivial, factual or resourceful. Your mind needs as much attention as your body, soul and heart.

Learn the meaning of family. It is all you will have one day when you are both old and they will see you though life more than most others.

Perspective and circumstances is everything. Learning these two essential things will give you understanding, clarity and hope. As they say, believe nothing you hear and only half of what you see. Your snapshot is never the full picture and is but a single photo set against a backdrop to the world.

Finally, respect nature, it is more than you think. It allows you to be here and can take you in a heartbeat. Protect it, nurture it & in return she will do the same for you.

These are my dreams for you both. Read them again every three years and see if you have learnt more about me and about yourselves.
Love your Mum and tell her so. Both of your hugs mean more than anything in the world to her. Your Mum has held you, loved you, changed, washed, cared and guided you all your life. You have both fulfilled our lives with an infusion of so many moments that there is no way we can recall them all. Just know that we love you both and what we did to have you with us. Your journey has been an incredible one so far and it has only just begun….

Love Always,
Your Dad…xoxo


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