Car Seat Safety



Until reading on Facebook and speaking to others at mother’s groups I never knew how dangerous twisted straps could be!

When buckling your child into their restraint it’s super important to make sure that the harness is straight.

A twisted harness can cause serious damage in the event of an accident as it unevenly distributes the forces of the accident across the poor little body.

A smooth straight strap ensures that the force from the crash is distributed evenly across the child’s torso.
Hopefully causing less damage to their little frames.

Remember this is not just harness straps but the lap/sash seatbelt too.
Please ensure yours AND your child’s harness and seatbelt are untwisted every trip 😊

Travel Safely!

Infa have made an awesome video showing how easy it is to untwist straps.
Take a look here….

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