Do you know your Hoo Ha?

Yes I know “Hoo Ha”isn’t the correct term for your vagina/vulva but me, like a lot of females just don’t feel an affinity for the correct name. It feels like it should have a pretty name like Rose, or an amazing one like Seraphina. It is a pretty amazing piece of anatomy that is sadly neglected and not spoken freely about.

Recently in one of the groups a lady mentioned that she was sick of her underwear constantly being bleached by vaginal discharge. What ensued was a lively and fun discussion that made it very clear that most ladies know squat about their love glove. A sign that everything is healthy and happy down there is actually “bleaching” your underwear with your discharge. The substance secreted when the vagina is cleaning itself of dead cells and bacteria is Lactobacillus Acidophilus that is why you may end up with an orange coloured area on your pretty black knickers. You can change the amount of acidity your vagina produces with dietary changes with research suggesting excess caffeine and dehydration can lead to an increase in the knicker eating/bleaching properties.

Checking out the goods

Do you remember your Mum teaching you how to clean your vagina? Mine never did and there is a reason for this. It is entirely self cleaning, there is nothing wrong with a wash of your vulva/labia area with mild non-perfumed soapy water but leave the inside alone or you may upset the delicate pH balance.

Here are a couple of tips for a healthy and happy Cookie:

1. Your vagina likes to breathe that’s why cotton underwear is always recommended for day to day wear and sleeping commando is highly recommended.
2. Kegel exercises or pelvic floor strengtheners are important for bladder control and lets not forget stronger more intense orgasms!!!
3. Your vagina loves Natural Greek yogurt and eating it regularly will boost the good bacteria which both protects and helps treat yeast infections. Stock up when you need to go on antibiotics as these are notorious for killing off the good bacteria.
4. Always wipe front to back and for the same reason never go from anal to vaginal sex without a change of condom or a thorough clean.
5. All vaginas are different but they are all beautiful. Learn to love your uniqueness and check it out in the mirror on a regular basis.


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