Catty Confessions

Renèe O’neill Gave us all a giggle last night during confessions on our debate group, PoP! UnPoPpEd
With Renèe’s permission we are reposting.

🐱Catty Confessions🐱

“We got our house phone connected 3 weeks ago.
Within a few hours of it being on it rang. I had been having a really shitty day up until this point.
My 9 year old answered “may I please speak to Dennis”
Wrong number, obviously, no one by Dennis lives at our house.
Exceeeeeeept for our cat.
So when mr 9 came running down to the room, and in all seriousness told me that there was someone on the phone for Dennis.
I laughed internally so hard and asked him to take a message that Dennis was currently in the garden.
Fast forward 3 weeks, mr 9 and mr 4 have been taking messages for our cat every 2/3 days. Each time I’ve used a new excuse.

Dennis is napping, Dennis has a furball and can’t come to the phone.
😂😂😂 I’ve heard them discussing who it could be calling Dennis and have snarffled so hard at some of their theories.
I’m having so much fun using my ratbags as my own personal entertainment, I don’t ever want it to end 😂😂😂”

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